Udaya Bhanu song controversy

Posted : July 13, 2013 at 7:25 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Anchor cum actress Udaya Bhanu is extremely popular on small screen. She even endeared to masses with special songs on silver screen. She is anchoring folk songs program Rela Re Rela. Recently she sang a song composed by her and her mother.

The heart touching song reflecting the plight of Telangana touched the hearts of many and it became popular with the usage of phrase ‘gadde korake gadidi kodukulu’. It turned out controversial but one lyricist hailed Udaya Bhanu’s guts for using the word and uttering it daringly. He confessed that he couldn’t utter that word with such boldness.

The song starts…

gadde korake gadidi kodukulu

maareculaatara idi marmamerugara paamaraa.

aadu testado eedu testado amma istado ayya testado

evvadichchedendira idi evvari jagirura

It showcased sizzling beauty Udaya Bhanu’s another spectrum.