Udaya Bhanu Avoids Fans This Way

Posted : August 2, 2014 at 12:37 am IST by ManaTelugu


What if top anchor Udaya Bhanu walks in bright sun amidst public glare? There will be a flock of fans running towards for taking her autographs and clicking selfies. That will be a nightmare for the hot married beauty as she will have her personal space crushed.

To avoid these fanatic fans and admirers, Udaya Bhanu has devised a plan and she seems to be implementing this from a long time. ‘Whenever I turn out into public for shopping or to spend time with family, I slip into a black burkha where none will identify me’, she said, revealing her secret to keep fans off. ‘This is the most comfortable way of avoiding fans, otherwise I’ll not be allowed to take single step without even signing a dozen of autographs’, she added.

For starlets like Udaya Bhanu, it is always a big issue to walk free in public provided with the stunning craze they have. With her being a show-host from last 18 years, undoubtedly she will get glorious attention if she turns up without a burkha.