Two gone one more left for Nani

Posted : February 24, 2014 at 12:12 am IST by ManaTelugu


Hero Nani is undoubtedly a perfect star and also a perfect actor, his acting skills and natural way in action and the way he appears on screen makes us feel him he is our next door friend. Nani is carrying enough bunches of hits in his pocket as a top hero of Tollywood and he is also busy for his future schedules.

Nani was out of screen for the year 2013 and his almost three films stood right infront of Box office right from the second month of 2014. Paisa directed by Krishna vamsi and Aaha kalyanam by Yash Raj films. Nani expected these two films to give a bang kick start for his next big thing “Jendapai Kapiraju”.

But unlike his dreams Nani faces an odd result for Paisa and recent flick Aaha kalyanam is not so bad but maintained an OK talk at industry. But this is not at near to expected results from Nani movies. The only one big hope left out for Nani is that he really needs to get a success shot is “Jenda Pia kapiraju”. Hope this will bring him success.