What is this twist Pawan kalyan ?

Posted : February 13, 2014 at 6:53 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Pawan kalyan will not be seen on screen for 2014 year? Pawan kalyan will not be doing any film until his Gabbar singh 2 release. These all are the speculation made on him before few days and as his future plans are also going fine, but one fine morning can change every single plan of your future is also applied for Pawan kalyan film.

Pawan kalyan is not happy with his Gabbar singh 2 script and he is also not ready to do some unwanted script line for his dream project. So he skips his plan to make Gabbar singh 2. So everyone thought he would not be seen on screen by the end of 2015. But there rises a surprise from Venky that Pawan kalyan is acting with him.
Pawan kalyan will be playing a multi starer role in Venkatesh’s Oh mY god film, And as per story Pawan kalyan will only enter screen after 1 hour of story. So Pawan kalyan will be coming out this year with a sudden surprise and He is also planning to remake Johhy 2 in 2 months. So these are surprises from Pawan this year.