Why This TV Actress Got Squeezed?

Posted : October 5, 2013 at 7:41 am IST by ManaTelugu

Whenever there is a chance for sensationalism, it is not just media but every other agency associated with publicity is using that to the most. The recent arrest of a TV actress of leading daily serials who was caught red-handed prostituting with an aged wealthy businessman is best example for that.

Never in any case, police will reveal the true names and pictures of the girls caught during their raids regarding prostitution. Have we anytime seen any call-girl caught in sex-racket shown openly to media? Have we ever notice police revealing the complete bio-data of those girls? But in our recent incident, Police not only showed the girl to media, though veiled, they also revealed the names of serials she is working for and on what channels those serials are aired. How far this is correct? Where have the morals gone?

With police revealing the name and serials she is working, it is easy for media to come up with her videos and pictures, and make big story of it. News that says two girls are caught prostituting maybe quite weak, but if it is a particular actress caught red-handed, then the story will get huge attention. So everyone made a nice chance of it. Both police who presented that case and media made the best of this TV actress’ episode and squeezed her to a maximum for their own publicity.

When law doesn’t allow them to publish pictures of a raped girl, is not the same that should be applied here too? Though both cases are dissimilar, the concept is to hide their identity such that society will not further torture them with their sympathetic looks and hatred too.

As her identity is revealed now, will someone really gives her a chance in their projects again? Will they offer her a chance without asking her to offer something in return? Can she live peacefully escaping those pouncing eyes while walking in her neighbourhood? What is the use of sending her to rescue home to make her stop prostitution, by crashing whole of her career?