TTD’s ‘Love’ muharts for members

Posted : September 11, 2012 at 1:28 pm IST by ManaTelugu
TTD which overseas the activities in country’s richest temple Tirumala, launched a program ‘Kalyanamastu’ for the benefit of the poor. The aim of the program is to enable poor to perform marriages in unison in the presence of Lord. However the board members are deciding marriage muharats according to their whims and fancies causing great inconvenience to devotees and taking them for a ride. They decide muhurats for Kalyanamastu and fix one time and decide different times and muhurats for each member to get sworn in, in their respective posts.
TTD in a meeting, long time back arrived at a decision that ‘Kalyanamastu’ is only for community and large scale marriages and there will be only one muhurat time and one can not pressurize board for multiple muharats with their individual tastes and preferences. TTD astrologers decided that if marriages are conducted during ‘abhijit muhurit’ they wont be effected by other doshas associated with tidhi, vara and lagna doshas. However the board members are not firm believers of Lord Venkateswara and are here only to use their power and clout to make money. So they decide their own muhurats all the year causing sheer inconvenience to the public.
But no one is there to question them and so over the last month itself on 29th 8 members took oath, on 30th TTD EO took charge, on 31st another member took charge, on 7th sep another person decided to join office. So it took around 13 days to constitute the board. This shows the high handedness of the members of TTD.