TTD turns Lord to Business Man !

Posted : February 23, 2013 at 11:35 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Strange are the ways of TTD which is the authority managing the world’s largest earning shrine Tirumala, Lord Balaji. Instead of providing better facilities and amenation to pilgrims, the authorities and board members are out currying favors to the influential few for their personal benefits. Even though many scams are unearthed, nothing happened.

According to latest information TTD officials are turning Lord to Business Man and brand ambassador. Sources say Business Tycoon Prithvi Raj who is an ardent devotee of Lord,had a dream in which Lord wished to see his photo in a watch. The very next moment he flew to Switzerland and convinced Century management to come with watches having Lord Balaji’s photos.

TTD EO Subramaniam responding to people worries on TTD giving green signal to century watches, said that Lord doesn’t require any trade mark and any devotee can use Lord’s photos. He even questioned if one goes on opposing all moves then development can not happen.