‘Tsunami’ is one option for Mahesh

Posted : May 15, 2013 at 6:55 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Whenever a Mahesh Babu project is on the anvil, there is a lot of brain exercises which takes place. Firstly, sources say Mahesh is very particular about the script and the team he would be working with. And the second challenge for the makers is coming up with a title that can appeal not just to the audience but mainly to Mahesh fans.

In this process, it is heard that a lot of brainstorming is currently happening to decide the title for the new film of Mahesh happening under the direction of Sukumar. The latest we hear is ‘Tsunami’ is being considered as one option. Though the title is under consideration some are saying it is similar to Ram Charan’s ‘Thoofan’.

Though Tsunami is bigger than Thoofan, still comparison is being made and a feeling of copying is coming. Prior to this, the title of ‘Acharya’ was heard and now this one. Only Mahesh and Sukumar know what the title will be. The cine folks say Sukumar tends to give some unusual titles so we have to see how this one is going to be.