TRS’s two pronged strategy

Posted : November 17, 2012 at 8:35 am IST by ManaTelugu
KCR led TRS which has been maintaining stoic silence for the past two months suddenly rose and is now getting ready for final assault in the next elections. It already completed internal discussions and even met with TJAC which weilds huge influence across telangana. According to sources TRS is planning to adopt two pronged strategy for achievement of statehood.

It feels telangana could be achieved only by increasing its vote share and winning more seats so that it can play key role in the formation of Govt both at center and state turning king maker. They feel present Govts both at Center and State may fall any time.

Buzz is TJAC chairman Kodandaram is inspiring KCR to take lead role and KCR says both Cong and TDP leaders are in touch with them. They are even feeling rather than UPA, NDA is more friendly and receptive for granting statehood to telangana. They feel that one should keep all the options open. KCR was however critical of TJAC for not going by public sentiments during bypolls in Palamuru where TJAC supported BJP. Kodandaram is said to have told sometimes mistakes happen and now it is to fight for telangana with joint front.