TRS taking time to strike back

Posted : October 4, 2012 at 7:34 am IST by ManaTelugu
Never since its inception, TRS faced such flak from political parties, media and public. The party always used to be at the top and used to rip apart its opponents and never gave any chance for them to comment on them. However with KCR returning empty handed after staying in Delhi for more than a month even skipping high profile telangana march organized by TJAC, they are found struggling for answers to give explanations.
TRS which till now has been stating that there would be announcement on telangana and KCR will merge the party with Cong is now being branded as traitor the name with which it used to accuse its rivals and opponent parties. KCR returned only yesterday and now he along with his party is in secret meetings.
Known for his aggressive stand and vitriolic statements one can not expect him to take anything lying down. Surely all this silence will lead to tsunami like thunder storm and people pray that it wont tarnish the brand image of Hyderabad. TRS’ bandhs or any agitations will be quite strong and KCR may give call for his party and cadre to show its strength and prove a point or two to its rivals so that they will be silenced forever.