TRS sending love signals toTDP?

Posted : October 27, 2012 at 6:37 am IST by ManaTelugu
In politics there are no permanent enemies or friends. It all boils down to how much political gain a leader can make and also the party he leads can garner. KCR led TRS from the beginning clarified its stand on mergers and alliances that it would associate with any political party which would support its cause for the formation of telangana. As such it entered into alliance with Cong in 2004 and KCR even became Union Minister during that time. He after hard bargaining included Telangana formation in presidential address to parliament during that time.
However he realized his delusion and in 2009 he shook hands with TDP and fought the elections. But even before the results are out he joined hands with BJP but fell flat during that time. From then on he has been trying his best to achieve telangana and even put merger proposal at Sonia Gandhi and Cong. But after he was cold shouldered he is cooling his heels and with him not opposing Babu’s entry into telangana many are feeling that he is keen to strike alliance with TDP and see the end of Cong in the next elections. It has to be seen what’s going on in KCR’s mind as he is known for springing surprises.