TRS-Andhra MNS

Posted : October 20, 2012 at 1:13 pm IST by ManaTelugu
K.Chandrasekhar Rao floated TRS party after he was denied his chosen cabinet portfolio in the then Chandra Babu Naidu ruled TDP govt in Andhra Pradesh.From then on he tried to make his party popular raking up the sentiments in the telangana region.,He achieved his cause by spitting venom on people of other regions and his job was made easy with ruling Cong mishandling the situation after the sudden demise of YSR.
From then on he and his party TRS turned aggressive and violent by attacking its opponents verbally, psychologically and physically.Now it reached such a situation that who ever speaks against them will be branded as traitors of telangana. Many political analysts feel that there are striking similarities between Raj Thackery led MNS in Maharashtra and KCR led TRS.
Though MNS is not demanding for separate state, it is raking up son of the soil, Marathi manoos and jobs for only locals, the same issues taken by TRS. Many advocate that unless until TRS, its militant organizations don’t reign in their cadre and allow them to carry out attacks at their own will and then take refuge asking for removal of cases citing telangana sentiment. It has to be seen how TRS win over hearts of all, as only then telangana can be achieved.