Trailer Talk: Message From The Rowdy

Posted : September 17, 2014 at 4:15 am IST by ManaTelugu


Who will be more dynamic ‘rowdy’ than a police officer with power in hand? If not for a ‘negative’ title there would be no better ‘Rowdy Fellow’ than a sincere and honest police officer dedicated towards his job. And here comes Nara Rohit’s latest flick that is carved by none other director turned lyricist Krishna Chaitanya. ‘Jantuvuluki cheppali.. manushulni adagaaali.. nalontodini brathimalali..’, says Nara Rohit, opening the teaser of ‘Rowdy Fellow’.

A stunning dialogue written by director himself stood out more stunning due to Rohit’s energetic voice. And there enters a sincere cop, taking against the goons of the society. Comparing the silence of a dumb man and a poor-fellow, director Krishna Chaitanya has indeed targeted his arrow at the wrongdoers of the society projecting ‘Rowdy Fellow’ as their savior.

Probably this rowdy carries a big ‘message’ for the masses apart from the entertainment. Rowdy Fellow’s spell binding music is composed by MR Sunny, while beautiful Visakha Singh is playing the lead lady in the movie. Also songs of the flick are looking promising, as the audio enchanted and visuals have a different tinge.