Tough time for Dil Raju

Posted : January 10, 2013 at 10:22 am IST by ManaTelugu
Dil Raju is now facing a variety situation like he left the distribution rights of ‘Nayak’ in Nizam even after paying the advance. The core reason is he being the producer of ‘Seethamma.. ’. Coming to the details, it was heard from film nagar circles that Dil Raju took the nizam distribution rights for ‘Nayak’, but Ram Charan wanted his film to be released in highest number of theaters in Nizam, so Dil Raju planned to postpone his own film ‘Seethamma…’ for a week so that he can adjust the theaters for both the films, but knowing this, Mahesh gone furious on DilRaju and strictly warned not to postpone his film.

Hence, having no other way, Dil Raju left his distribution rights to Allu Aravind. It is reported that ‘Nayak’ is being released in 90 theaters in Hyderabad while multi starrer ‘SVSC’ got only 60 theaters in Hyderabad. Neither Ram Charan nor Mahesh babu got the expected number like 100 theaters for their long awaited films. Hence both seem very serious on Dil Raju for his double game. It seems like too much of business mind spoiled the game.