Touching Torture For Beautiful Heroines

Posted : November 6, 2013 at 6:38 am IST by ManaTelugu

The incident of actress Shweta Menon filing a case on a people’s representative has once again shed light on the poor situation of the fate our glam-dolls are meeting in public life. One should really feel bad for the society for the kind of touching torture they are creating for heroines.

Time and again, many incidents proved that heroines are always soft targets of sexual harassment and molestation in broad day light. A big-wig tried to rub the shoulder of actress Shweta Menon a couple of times and that is recorded on video. But there are umpteen cases of Samantha, Shriya, Bipasha Basu and Lakshmi Rai where they faced harassment in public.

A mob tried hard to touch and feel Samantha during a shopping mall inauguration in Tirupathi, and there are reports that she slapped them. Old horse Shriya was groped by a miscreant after she had a darshan at Tirumala. Though she caught him by hand, she let him go by giving him enough verbal blasting. When Lakshmi Rai was shooting at a public place in Pondicherry, fans tried to mob her and feel intimate, and situation came under control only when she left the spot. This is the torture saga that came to light, but there are many unknown and unreported cases where heroines are harassed for a touch.

We cannot deny the fact that portraying these beauties as idols of glamour on silver screen is in turn acting like objectification of sex and showing negative effects on youths. At the same time, even youths should realize that these heroines are also just like any other women, like their mothers and sisters, but not soft-toys to touch and feel. Put an end to torturing heroines this way folks!