Top website insults mega heroes!

Posted : February 23, 2013 at 11:05 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Popular website which prides itself on gossips and cooking sensation news insulted Mega Heroes comparing them with animals and insects. The website taking some specific names of mega heroes family films like Charan’s debut film Chiruta and Varun Tej’s upcoming debut film titled Gollabhama compared Cherry to animal and Varun Tej to insect forgetting the fact the while Chiruta is named by film makers after taking first letters of “‘Chiru’+’Ta’nayudu’. Thus turning Chiruta, a powerful title and also shows the a power of animal that runs at lightening speed.

Similarly Gollabhama is desribed the beauty of a woman. The site in its story even belitteled Megastar’s film titles Mruga Raju, Puli and Pawan Kalyan’s Komaram Puli. Wonder how mega gans will react. It is sad to see a website stooping to such level to surge ahead in rankings by getting viewerships.