Top heros romantic affairs with the top most heroines

Posted : May 14, 2013 at 3:08 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Though it is never discussed publicly, it is an open secret within the film industry that there are many instances wherein heroines have to oblige sexual favors to big heroes for various reasons and benefits of their own. Right now, something like that is happening big time between a big hero and a sexy looking heroine.

Apparently, this big hero is famous for making the careers of aspiring actors and he had his share of romantic affairs with the top most heroines in Indian cinema. Currently, it is heard that he has been satisfying his sexual needs through a heroine who has become his leading lady in his new film.

As such, this heroine has done few Telugu films but none of them worked at the box office. But this film with the big hero is a turning point in her career. But in order to shape up her career she is reportedly quenching the bedroom desires of the big hero. Those who know this are feeling very jealous of the hero.