Top Heroine comments on present politics

Posted : October 5, 2013 at 7:46 am IST by ManaTelugu

For a celebrity, the fan bases will be from different communities, of different political views and with different ideologies. However, all these fans force their heartthrob to talk about some sensitive political issues often.

The other day sensuous beauty Samantha has also undergone same pressure from her fans it appears. Actually she is asked to respond about the political turmoil going on in Andhra Pradesh and also in India. As she happens to be top starlet of Tollywood, we know what Telugu fans will ask for. Of course, Sam is not the one who could respond in an intellectual tone like her colleague Siddharth. Also she could neither deny replying such question as fans will get more hurt. Finally after lot of pampering, Samantha has made comment on present day political scenario.

‘For all those asking about my comments on present day politics, the answer is – no comment’ said Samantha. Well, that’s more of an intelligent answer. Of course, being an actor in India is like living in a glass house, one should not take chances by throwing stones at passerby.