Top heriones not doing THAT mistake!

Posted : March 17, 2014 at 8:25 pm IST by ManaTelugu
There is one mistake called ‘The Shriya Mistake’ which is like a blue book for any heroine who is at the top slot. Right now, our big heroines have studied that mistake quite a lot that they are not repeating it at any cost under any pressure.

At the peak of her career, sultry siren Shriya has done a couple of mistakes that have cost her dear career. Otherwise she would have that star heroine status like Kareena Kapoor in North and Trisha in South. When all big heroes are running after Shriya, this hot lady has acted with dumb heroes and new comers, as their heroine and item girl. After that mistake, big heroes who used to run after this curvaceous siren never called her. Finally, that ended Shriya’s big journey.

Looking at this, heroines like Tamanna and Kajal haven’t given signal for a movie with a dumb hero who even offered them upto 2 crores as remuneration. Though both the heroines are completely free, they haven’t agreed to do that movie citing unavailability of dates. These girls remembered Shriya’s mistake folks!