Top Director’s Satire on Friends

Posted : August 3, 2014 at 9:06 pm IST by ManaTelugu


Director Ram Gopal Varma is at it again. Known for his witty yet sarcastic tweets, Varma didn’t spare friendship day either and took a dig at people who have friends. In a series of interesting tweets, Varma wrote “The problem with helping a friend in need is that he will keep coming back for help again and again.” He added, “I am more scared of a friend than an enemy because u will never know when a friend can turn into an enemy.” RGV further wrote, “Friends are those who will stab u from the back when u are busy looking at the enemy in front.”

Quipping that having enemies are better than having friends, RGV posted, “Enemies keep u alert while friends make u complacent.” “A friend is many many times actually a pain in the back…Anyway Happy Friendship Day to all those keekos,who need friends…I Dont.” “I really wish that there was a Happy Enemies day too cos I think most people will have more enemies than friends.” “Enemies are the one who motivate u to raise above nd friends are the ones who keep pulling u down with false advise.” “Enemies hate nd friends are jealous …jealousy is mre dangerous becos u can try to defend against hatred but jealousy wil attack frm behind.” That’s RGV for you folks!