Top actress and Cricketers affair and rumors

Posted : March 4, 2014 at 7:18 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Cricket and Movies are always related and many cricket related movies hits on screen every year, it’s not just on screen but also off screen. Almost a heroine falls for a cricketer every year and finally they come out as a rumor and end up their friendship with that same rumor. We collected top 5 pairs list. Here are top affairs of stars and cricketers

1) Dhoni and Lakshmi Rai – 2008, They were even seen in a private party
2) Virat Kohli and Sanjana – Love birds of IPL season
3) Lakshmi Rai and Sreeshanth – Thye almost reached peak stage of their love
4) Tamanna and Virat kohli – It was rumoured that they are dating from a long time
5) Kohli and Anushka – They are the present dating stars of Cricket world and both are almost in love