Tollywood heroine in the rave party?

Posted : February 18, 2014 at 8:47 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Looks like the rave party culture has spread to Hyderabad too lately! And not surprisingly children from high profile families are mostly prevalent attendees at these infamous parties where drugs, dirty dances and drinks are a common phenomena.

Some Tollywood heroines too are falling prey to this culture and are seen as regulars! Few months back the Cyberabad police wielded their whip on these parties and for some time there was no noise about these parties, but looks like they are at it again!

Yesterday police busted one in Hyderabad outskirts at Shamirpet Leoneo resort. Cops have taken in 20 youth which included 8 women too and a Tollywood actress as well! She is a known face and has few movies too in hand. In the recent times with severe competition in the heroine industry looks like she got attracted to this culture! In fact she has some movies on hand too! Could you take your guesses on who could this heroine be? Well she is a familiar face and has debuted with Jagapathi Babu that is the clue!