Tollywood fans too selfish

Posted : October 16, 2012 at 7:18 am IST by ManaTelugu
Many say that stars and their films should be seen differently. Even they have their personal life and fans or for that matter anyone shouldn’t dictate or force their opinion on stars. However diehard fans sometimes force their opinion so much so on them that they will be forced to change their decisions. This was the reason why top heroes shy away from doing multi starrers as though according to script there will be some highs and lows in their roles, fans are not in a position to accept and this may lead to unnecessary street fights.
It seems tollywood fans seems to be too selfish compared to their other counterparts. While in Kollywood, Mollywood and Bollywood many top heroes shared screen presence and even their sons and daughters made their debut in the film industry this was not that case here. When sometime back Superstar Krishna planed for his daugher’s debut in films, fans held a huge protests against the move.He finally had to backtrack and totally disband the move. Fans are ok with their heroes sons making their debut but they are not in favor of heroes daughters acting in films. Even in Manchu Lakshmi’s case she is seen in negative or special roles and not as heroine. One has to wait and see what will be their reaction if she romances a top hero.
This is unlike Kollywood where Vijay Kumar’s daughter Preetha, Vijaychander daughter Sridevi, Kamal’s daughter Shruti Hasan, Arjun’s daughter Aishwarya, Sarath Kumar daughter Varalakshmi, Radha’s daughters Tulasi, Kartika made their debuts or on the verge of making their debuts.Many feel that fans should come out of narrow mindsets and allow their heroes and their kin to pursue what they want and love to do.