Tollywood Creativity Touching Worst

Posted : August 17, 2013 at 6:42 am IST by ManaTelugu

Telugu cinema industry’s creativity is touching new levels with each passing day. If you think that we are heading for a positive and brighter side, then you’re wrong. Our creativity is taking downslide for ‘poor’ reasons.

What is the best way to make a film click at Box Office? Either the film should have complete boothu to attract youths, or the movie should have imitations of Mega family heroes. Our young directors are banking only on these two things to sell their stuff. Already we have seen a movie titled ‘Pawanism’ coming up and the latest addition to it is ‘Bunny n Cherry’. Apparently the makers are cashing on fame of Mega heroes, and the title says it all. If at all the point in the movie, the content in the project is so strong, there is no need to use Mega heroes’ brand.

Apart from using Mega brand, another way of connecting with audience is boothu. Rather using this sleazy stuff inside a movie, our makers are spoiling youths with their booth laced posters too. A simple look at the ad of a movie ‘Amma Nanna Voorelithey’, shows how low our makers are stooping to get popularity. The silhouette of a girl bending slightly at her hip, and few guys trying to catch her with obscene gestures is what we notice. Is this creativity?

Maybe our directors and producers should rethink what they are doing with their conscience. No problem if someone doesn’t bring awards to Tollywood, but they should not spoil the name of this tinsel town.