Titan Ad: Akhil Creates Romantic Impression

Posted : October 1, 2014 at 1:39 am IST by ManaTelugu

akil akki

Set up in picturesque Paris, a glowing Eiffel tower simply lights up the latest ‘Timeless’ commercial that goes by the theme ‘Timeless’. Surprisingly, debutant Akhil has put up a best show as an active lover who understands his lady-love’s heart in time.

Opening the scene romantically, the ‘Timeless’ commercial features hot lady Kalki Koechlin as an unhappy lover who is missing the warmth of her man. And when her man (Akhil) comes, he’s busy clicking Eiffel tower that is glowing in the backdrop in the phone gifted by his girlfriend sometime back. She then asks him if he will stay in her company forever if she gifts time. Before he utters a word further, she furls a watch to his wrist. Of course, the ‘titan’ watch!!

Akhil exuded huge confidence in his first ever small-screen act matching his perfect expressions to that of talented Kalki Koechlin. In this romantic setup, his acts as lover-boy impresses to the core. Good job Akhil.