The award that missed Rajamouli

Posted : December 17, 2012 at 6:55 am IST by ManaTelugu

Rajamouli is the only qualified director among the directors of Tollywood today in every aspect. He proved his mettle by making the films like Magadheera, Eega where other directors won’t even dare to dream about. He is an inspiration to many Hindi and Tamil directors too. After Eega that made a nationwide buzz, irrespective of language, whole nation awaits for his films now. That is why this genious was recently nominated for prestigious CNN-IBN awards. This award is given to various talents throughout the country every year. This year, Irfan khan, Sridevi, Vidya Balan, Ranjbir Kapoor were nominated in the entertainment category, all are from north. Rajamouli was the only nominee from the south.
Unfortunately, Rajamouli lost the award to Irfaan khan for his outstanding performances in the world cinema ‘The amazing spiderman’, ‘Life of Pie’. It is little sad to know our Rajamouli couldn’t bag the award. But it is no loss to this maverick filmmaker, who got the talent to compete in Oscar race one day or the other.
That is why we can say that the award missed Rajamouli. What say?