TG to take on KCR

Posted : September 14, 2012 at 4:45 am IST by ManaTelugu

When ever KCR makes any noises on Telangana or takes on a trip to Delhi which many think for Telangana, it will invariably attract equal and opposite reaction from seemandhra region. Currently KCR is in Delhi running for pillar to post to gauge the mood of the national and other regional parties on Telangana. In the mean time already leaders from seemandhra are making their own moves to stall KCR at the initial stages itself. Rayalaseema’s fire brand leader TG.Venkatesh who some time back advocated for private army to tackle the goons of KCR in his own words, said that once KCR comes out of Delhi, their representatives will fly to Delhi and advocate their strong views on the bifurcation of the state.
This has become the problem for telangana leaders and its people because when ever they get some positive signals from center on the issue, seemandhra leaders cutting across parties use their clout and change the decision overnight. Many telangana representatives know that they are not as united as their counter parts from seemandhra but still they are not willing to bury their personal rivalries for the achievement of telangana. It has to be seen what will be the impact of KCR’s Delhi trip this time.