Temples safe place for Thefts

Posted : October 31, 2012 at 9:01 am IST by ManaTelugu
Never in the history of any party’s rule has people witnessed thefts in temples on daily basis. During the Cong regime devotees have witnessed collapsing of ‘Dhwaja stambhas’ of renowned temples with Govt not paying attention to the warnings sent by temple authorities.

Now to the top of it thieves have been targeting temples in the city and are looting ornaments of immense value from the deities even breaking the idols in the process. If and when hindus angered by Govt inaction take out processions, violence erupts with other communities targeting the protestors.

Even when so much his happening, ruling Cong Govt is sleeping with its inaction reaching peak.Before the devotees could forget the thefts in Laldarwaja and Uppuguda temples, yesterday thefts stole away from Bangaru Pochamma temple at Malakpet.

The manner in which the robbery happened many suspect that the real intention is not to steal something worthy as they have left even more valuables than they stole but only to hurt the sentiments of hindus. Devotees are furious with Govt for its inaction and are pained at the manner in which their holy places of worship are targeted. One wonders what Home Minister and CM say about this.