Telangana ‘Vidroham’ or ‘Vimochanam’

Posted : September 13, 2012 at 4:23 am IST by ManaTelugu
Come September 17th, entire region of telangana will be burning with the debate whether the day should be celebrated as ‘Vimochanam’ or protested as ‘Vidroham’. This is the same day on 1948, when Indian Army on the orders of Iron Man of India, Sardar Patel marched to liberate the Nizam state from the clutches of Nizam who vowed his allegiance to Pakistan and whose army created a web of terror in the minds of people.
However some telangana people including TRS chief KCR, says that Nizam developed the state and razakars were only few which he could have tackled had he been given some time. They say Indian army annexed the Nizam state and so on this day protests should be held across the state branding the day as ‘Vidroha Dinam’ as from that day onwards telangana people lost their freedom.
But many feel that the atrocities committed by Nizam and his army ably supported by private armies called razakars, can not be pardoned or washed off by people like KCR. Many say that the day should be celebrated as ‘Vimochana dinam’ as Indian army liberated the region from the clutches of Nizam’s heinous rule thus presenting them freedom. They ask for the Govt to celebrate it officially just like Maharashtra and Karnataka Govts are doing. It has to be seen what will be the stand of Govt on the whole issue.