Telangana to see no deadlines!

Posted : October 29, 2012 at 2:34 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Now that the message is loud and clear that there won’t be any decision from Union Govt on telangana formation, many people and even political analysts feel that telangana people will not see any deadlines set by political parties. Till date all political leaders cutting across parties used to set deadlines linking telangana with festivals. They used to issue statements that next year people will be celebrating the festival in telangana state or some used to say before the arrival of that festival, announcement on telangana formation from Union Govt would come. All this turned to be false till now.
However when all powerful KCR himself became laughing stock with Union Govt taking him for a ride, all political parties and leaders understood the ground realities and realized that if they try to fool people by issuing statements linking festivals with formation of telangana state, people will not believe them and it may in fact boomerang on them. That was the reason why political parties and leaders maintained low profile during dasara celebrations.
They are now aware that with elections nearing in 2014, people will not be bothered by telangana sentiment and will be more concerned about basic amenities and also rise in prices of essential commodities. That was the reason why Chandra Babu and Sharmila undertook yatras.s.