Telangana Ministers in trouble

Posted : October 1, 2012 at 8:03 am IST by ManaTelugu
Yesterday’s telangana protest march at Necklace road seems to have plunged telangana ministers in CM Kiran Kumar Reddy’s cabinet in deep trouble. When CM refused to give permission to the march citing security problems, all telangana ministers including Dy CM Damodara Rajanarasimha lashed out at CM for being anti telangana and insulting telangana sentiments. They branded him as telangana traitor. They after consultations with Prof Kodandaram and other T JAC members threatened CM Kiran to tender their resignations enmass if march is not allowed.
CM Kiran relented and now with the violence and aftermath incidents, telananga ministers are running to Delhi to give explanation to high command. Already seemandhra ministers are up in their arms for the violence in yesterday’s march and Kodandaram not adhering to the promises he made to Govt. Telangana ministers feel that their counter parts will show this violence at High Command and impress upon them that if telangana is given then things will take this turn.
Telangana ministers are furious that when they helped Kodandaram by getting permission, he inturn turned the protests into violent one and did not keep his promise. They now fear that Cong High Command will take them to task for misleading them with regards to the march. Ministers feel that when they helped protesters by getting permission, they are branding them as traitors while they even lost their reputation in front of their high command by siding with the protesters.