Telangana Director Warns Andhra Heroes?

Posted : August 1, 2013 at 2:38 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Not just two days, the State Of Telangana is announced, there comes this director who is claiming that all these days Telangana Films are completely suppressed by cash-rich producers and distributors of Tollywood. There might be a point in his argument, but they look more like a threat.

‘All these film industry is run by rich and influential, but we won’t let that happen’, says N Shankar, who is getting ready to establish ‘Telangana Cinema Force’ for the sake of film industry in this new state. He added that films made by Telangana makers are suppressed from releasing in theatres all these days due to monopoly of some people. ‘Our films are not releasing because they don’t have star cast. But we will make films related to our culture and tradition only, and will not make movies with stars’, added Shankar. Indirectly he feels like Telangana films are not getting due recognition due to heroes and producers from Andhra. But is surely looks like Shankar is venting fumes rather talking truths.

‘Sampath Nandi, Vamsi Paidipally, Surender Reddy, Harish Shankar and others are from Telangana only, and these directors have no problem with releases. Also, Telugu films are technically brilliant and over the top in India. Where is the question of Telangana films not releasing then’, asked an analyst.

Films that are made on artistic subjects are not releasing as people from all three regions are not watching them. That is why some T-flavoured movies failed to release. Even a film on Saibaba, featuring Nagarjuna, is a flop. Will that mean people are not having devotion to God?

Maybe N Shankar should give more clarity about the kind of suppression he is talking about.