Telangana Congressmen vs KCR

Posted : February 1, 2013 at 5:34 pm IST by ManaTelugu
K Chandrasekhar Rao, the TRS president, has been voicing his feelings against the Telangana Congressmen. In fact he has been abusing and slamming them without any consideration of the Prime Minister.

The specific reason for such an antagonism is unknown. But it can be easily guessed that this reaction of K Chandrasekhar Rao is based on the Centre’s decision against the demand of Telangana, in which the Congress leaders played a key role.

However, it is interesting to find that in the recent past Telangana Congressmen and K Chandrasekhar Rao were friends. Now the Telangana Congressmen find themselves at the position of an enemy of K Chandrasekhar Rao. In the political circles, the caution was always in the wind that the Telangana Congressmen should stay away from K Chandrasekhar Rao. Therefore, the general reaction of the political circle is that the Telangana Congressmen are paying the price for being friendly with the leader, whose slamming has no match.

Politics is indeed strange and unpredictable. Today’s friends may turn out to be tomorrow’s foes. In fact, there are no permanent friends and foes in politics. This incident is a live example.