Teasers, trailer that beautifies super hits

Posted : October 1, 2012 at 12:26 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Now a days film making involves lot of marketing techniques and right from the announcement of films the way film is promoted decides the fate of the film even before its release. In the film promos release of teasers,trailers, first look posters plays an important part. Many think that teasers and trailers are one and the same but there are very minute differences between the two. Trailer say the story of the film in a nut shell and is made by taking out interesting scenes, songs, clips etc. Making of trailer is bit easy because trailers are mostly released after audio release and during audio release by which time most of the film’s shooting is completed.
However teaser is not that. Most of the times teasers are released with in a day or two of the starting of  film’s regular shooting. During such time teasers should be cut to get the theme of the film with storyline. In the end if a punch dialogue is added fans will be going wild. If one happen to look at Badshah teaser it contains dialogue ‘Badshah decide aite war one side aipoddi’. However SVSC teaser is released with a song. Film makers created a trend by releasing film’s teaser in form of a song. The song became immensely popular and many of them are using them as ringtones or caller tones. Shadow film makers are getting ready to release its teaser. All this shows teasers, trailers and first look play an important role in the film’s success and it is not just routine cut and paste job.