TDP leakage strategy boomeranging

Posted : December 4, 2012 at 1:08 pm IST by ManaTelugu
TDP is the party which pioneered the usage of leakages to its advantage. Leakages played important role in Chandra Babu becoming CM and then his continuance as CM for 9 years with out any opposition. During that time whenever he has to take any major decision on cabinet reshuffle, sacking of ministers or transferring officials or crushing opposition, Chandra Babu used leakages as his main weapon. This helped him in overpowering even NTR and then taking over the party in his hands. Now the same leakages are worrying the party giving sleepless nights.

Now the party is faced with the leakages of some senior leaders contesting next elections from constituencies. Some leaders allege leakage politics and media behind defaming of the party. Even none other than Balakrishna who is keen on contesting for assembly faced the leakage problem. Suddenly from nowhere news appeared that he was interested in MP seat and will be contesting either from Vijayawada or Hindupur. However Balakrishna who turned furious issued clarification stating that he will not leave the state and will be contesting assembly elections from Gudivada.

Balakrishna exercised restraint thinking that if he goes in public about his constituency it will bring bad name to the party he just stated that he will contest from the district.