TDP Instead of attracting other parties, the party is losing its own leaders,

Posted : May 14, 2013 at 6:31 pm IST by ManaTelugu
No one in the TDP appears to be confident that the party was poised to sweep the next elections and romp back to power, due to the Pada Yatra of the party chief Chandra Babu Naidu, excepting Naidu himself.

Instead of attracting leaders of other parties, the party is very fast losing its own leaders, after Naidu began his pada yatra.

The condition of the party is more pitiable in Naidu’s own Chittoor district. Already two MLAs Praveen Kumar Reddy and Amaranath Reddy left the party and joined the YSR Congress. Now party senior leader and Chittoor MP Shiva Prasad also reportedly packed his suitcase to join the Jagan camp.

Reports have been stating that Shiva Prasad has been getting closer to the YSR Congress. Now he came out openly and supported Kadiyam Srihari who just left the party to join the TRS. While most of Babu’s henchmen were calling Srihari a political debaucher, Shiva Prasad declared that leaving a party was not political debauchery. He said TDP was full of them, as most of its leaders were immigrants from other parties. He lashed out at the TDP leaders for attacking those leaving the party, instead of taking steps to keep senior leaders, by redressing their grievances.

TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu was reportedly shocked by the statement of Shiva Prasad, as he felt that it was directly aimed at him.

Naidu himself had migrated from the Congress and joined the party of his father-in-law N T Rama Rao. When in Congress Naidu declared that he was ready to contest against NTR.

Rumours have been doing rounds since long that Shiva Prasad would be joining the YSR Congress.  But he kept his intentions close to his heart. As he has also been participating in TDP’s agitations actively, observers were perplexed about his intentions. Now as he came out into the open in support of Sri Hari, it is being said that he would shortly join the party. It is being said that Shiva Prasad was waiting for an assurance from Jagan about the party ticket, as he feels that TDP ticket would take him nowhere.