TDP finds out Cong double game

Posted : November 12, 2012 at 7:08 am IST by ManaTelugu
TDP President Chandra Babu Naidu who dashed off a letter seeking all party meet on Telangana, today lashed out at Cong for playing double game with full of lies. He said though he wrote letter to PM and got response from PM for his letter acknowledging it, Home Minister Shinde acting unaware of his letter smacks of logic. He cited this as one of the example to highlight Cong double game on telangana issue.

TDP accused that though they have asked center to take action on Telangana, PM and Cong shied away from taking action and at the same time started blaming their party. TDP leaders said it was their party that bought in SC legislation in 1999 bu YSR stopping it making SCs lose many jobs. Babu alleged that CM Kiran’s brother is trying to encroach NG Ranga Varsity place since long time and so trying to get a person who can support him as the vice chancellor. It has to be seen whether people believe Chandrababu and TDP’s words. They however know verywell that Cong is lying on telangana but they are not willing to buy even others arguement as they know even they are no better than Cong.