Tarakratna feasting on black money

Posted : December 5, 2012 at 9:39 am IST by ManaTelugu
Tarakratna is the only hero from the Nandamuri clan who did not score a single hit though he created a sensation of sorts signing seven films even before the release of his debut film ‘Okato Number Kurradu’. Though the film did not do well and all his seven films did not even take off, it did not deter him from starring in films.

Many wondered how come film makers are casting him even without a single hit for more than seven years. Still he is on a signing spree and at present he has more than seven films and some of them include Chudalani Cheppalani, Eduruleni Alexander, Vijetha, Nenu Chala Worst, Bhakta Siriyala, Mike Testing 143 and others.

However when his Nandeeswarudu producer Kota Gangadhar Reddy was arrested by CBI over his alleged role in All India Medical Entrance scam, many got answers for their questions. It has to be seen how far the rumors like Tarak’s films are funded by balckmoney or scam money is true.