Tapsee effort for ‘Muni 3’

Posted : June 27, 2013 at 1:50 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Generally, director Ragahva Lawrence is focused as a strict director who doesn�t even mind throwing away top heroine like Anushka if his interests for the film aren�t served. Such a strong director is made to feel comfortable by heroine tapsee and both of them are working so hard putting a lot of efforts for �Muni 3.� There are a lot of action sequences in the film and definitely tapsee is having tough time to cope up.

�I am performing some interesting stunt sequences, not like those usual kicks and punches but something on the lines of pure action. Recently, I shot an action sequence for almost 12 hours under water. Currently, a fiery stunt sequence on beach is picturized. Still, I got many more stunt scenes to be shot till the mid of July. Unlike my other films where I appear just for songs and a couple of romantic scenes, for the first time I am doing plenty of action scenes in �Muni 3� and I am happy about this,� tapsee is overjoyed.