Tammu’s hot desire for hero exposed

Posted : October 23, 2013 at 7:54 am IST by ManaTelugu

Heroine Tamannah is one girl who has a lot of followers and admirers. They say among the current generation of heroines, she is the only girl who is blessed with beauty and very strong sex appeal. Though Tammu is not seen in Tollywood these days she is quite busy in Bollywood with two films on hand.

 And Mumbai sources revealed something surprising recently. It is heard that Tammu is openly expressing her hot desire towards one big hero. He is none other than Akshay Kumar. It is heard that Tammu has shown no inhibitions in admiring Akshay to no limits. The way he acts, the way he carries himself and how he treats her has made Tammu go flat.

Both of them are working for the film ‘It’s Entertainment’ and the way Tammu is going gung ho about Akshay has taken the Bollywood circles by a little shock. They are saying she is openly expressing her hot desire for him. But few others say she has to establish herself in Bollywood so this is the best way. We have to see if Akshay falls for the attention given by this milky beauty.