Talk about NTR’s bad behavior

Posted : November 14, 2013 at 10:14 am IST by ManaTelugu

For any film to be a successful one, there should be good understanding between the director and the hero. This is more when it involves a star hero. Generally there is a talk that many star heroes tend to put their finger into the script or the scenes and that has always resulted in negative at box office.

Recently a talk began to make rounds that even Junior NTR has got that habit. The gossip was also that Junior NTR is also impatient and if he doesn’t like something he will simply blast the director. But now, the real truth about his bad behavior is being revealed by some circles who worked with the young tiger.
They are stating that unlike the others, Junior NTR is a very cooperative hero and gives full support to the director. It is heard that he tends to make changes in the pre production phase but once the film hits the floors then he simply abides by what the director says and follows.
The truth is, Junior NTR has got certain ethics when it comes to acting as a profession and he never violates them. This is more a true version because many times there were no complaints on NTR but it was on the directors who were unable to use the potential of this star hero.