Talented Cameraman’s Injustice To Venky

Posted : November 15, 2013 at 5:02 am IST by ManaTelugu

Though locations look dull and lifeless, some actors look quite normal, it is cinematographers who always make the whole scene lively and impressive with their stunning camera angles and beautiful capture of colors. Chennai based Andrew is one such guy who does extraordinary work with camera.

He is the cinematographer who has delivered some breathtaking visuals for movies like Darling and Gundejaari Gallantiyyinde. The kind of colour palette used for Darling movie and the way some scenes are conceived using a steady cam have created longlasting impact. At the same time, Andrew’s brilliant moving camera angles for Gundejaari touched creative gene of many art lovers. But you cant believe that it is the same Andrew who has delivered Venkatesh and Ram’s latest entertainer ‘Masala’. Not just the camera work lacks quality, but the cinematographer missed out costly locations and showed them as some countryside gardens.

After watching Venky and Anjali’s one and only melody song in the movie, one will not realized that they are watching a song filmed in exotic locals of Japan. We wonder what made Andrew not use some crane shots and trolley shots even in songs shot in beautiful locales. No doubt, this is a big injustice to Venky as visually rich songs will always make viewers comeback to movie for some time.