‘Tagubotu’ turning ‘Kavi’

Posted : September 17, 2012 at 7:21 am IST by ManaTelugu
Comedian Ramesh has become popular as ‘Tagubotu’ Ramesh for his roles as drunkard in most of the films. Many film makers started offering him the same role again and again as one of his role as drunkard became superhit. However Ramesh fearing monotony decided to turn ‘Kavi’ shedding his ‘Tagubotu’ image. But some feel it is impossible for him to shed his image and reason out that ‘Kavi’ comes out of the heart of a person only after he becomes ‘Tagubotu’.
It has to be seen how true that theory is but currently ‘Tagubotu’ Ramesh is getting ready to show his skills as ‘Kavai’ in his upcoming film ‘Chaduvukovali’. The film features senior actress Seetha in lead role and is produced and directed by Maddali Venkateswara Rao. Director revealed that the film highlights importance of education in life and Baby Annie who spellbound all in ‘Rajanna’ will be seen as a girl who desire to have good education.
He said Tagubotu Ramesh will be seen in the role of a ‘Kavi’. But if one hope to hear good poetry from him then they will be disappointed. Buzz is he is getting ready to scare away people with his poetry torture.