Taapsee’s bad experience at airport

Posted : October 21, 2013 at 6:56 am IST by ManaTelugu

Dimple cheeked Punjabi beauty Taapsee Pannu is smoking hot the other day, not for her looks, but for the fumes she is venting at an airport. Being Sunday, she took it to travelling home in the evening, but her fun and happy moments are spoiled.

Initially after reaching an airport to take a flight (to Delhi probably) on last Sunday, the pretty siren got upset with the way people created chaos in queues. An hour later in the evening, Taapsee has found out discrepancies in the timings of her flight on boarding pass and display board inside the airport lounge. Of course, that kills the mood of anyone.

Later Taapsee accused that Spicejet, probably her traveller, is the most disorganized airlines in the country as even their flight staff have no clue of when the scheduled flight is arriving. She was upset terribly as the flight hasn’t come even after four hours of waiting. Only after the calendar changed to Monday, it seems like the flight has come and Taapsee reached her place.

‘It’s still hard to believe that I reached my destination after the date changed. Thank you Spicejet for a truly memorable experience’, says Taapsee, after welcoming the winters in North, which she loves to hate.