Taapsee gets a chumma in public

Posted : February 25, 2014 at 8:01 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Bollywood is a place where heroine go bold even in public and same thing happened in Taapsee life, Tapsee is well known actress in south and as everyone knew that gaining popularity in south is directly proportional to taking off to Bollywood. Same formula is followed by Taapsee and was applied perfectly.

Taapsee is having couple of Bolywood films in her hands and she is also gathering some top director’s contacts to start off new projects in future. As a part of her next film launch Taapsee attends function and movie is starred by Amit. Movie launch went on well and all were happy that movie gets a good publicity on day 1  itself.
Amit who tried to make it a big fat publicity day for him dragged Taapsee closer and kissed her while she is posing for photographers. Taapsee who is shocked to see Amit behavior left from function. But Taapsse kiss gave a strong boost to Amit and photographers, well off screen are so romantic for both this pair and what about on screen?