T-sword towards Congress

Posted : September 28, 2012 at 11:20 am IST by ManaTelugu
Congress party was completely baffled when it found itself tangled in T-Web when wily KCR undertook fast unto death in 2009. Its inexperience came to fore when Union Home Minister Chidambaram made a midnight statement announcing the formation of Telangana thus signaling the bifurcation of the state. After severe protests and counter reactions it sought to take solace that in the all party meeting there was no consensus on the whole issue. It conveniently forgot the fact that there was no consensus on telangana in the party itself.
Forgetting this fact it started blaming other parties and took it as convenient method to delay its decision. However now that Chandra Babu sending  a letter to PM on telangana, the focus shifted to Cong and now it is in dilemma on what decision it should arrive at. Already its T representatives are a worried lot as now its rival TDP party can question in front of telangana people about their decision since their leader CBN has clarified his party’s stand on Telangana.
Cong then should search for answers and now no one will believe if it try to shift blame on other parties as KCR has been stay put in Delhi in consultations with Cong high command. Now T-sword is pointing towards Congress and it has to be seen how Cong saves itself from the situation.