T-reps raise ‘Seemandhra Traitors’ bogey

Posted : September 25, 2012 at 9:48 am IST by ManaTelugu
Time for telangana march is ticking on and war of words are already in full swing. Whenever there is some agitation is on in telangana for the formation of separate state, representatives from the region cutting across party lines spit venom on ‘seemandhra people’ in their competition to score marks and credit in the hearts of people of telangana.
Already TRS MLAs and MPs are in full swing and Cong are joining them with Madhu Yashki raising the retheoric saying seemandhra people don’t have any right to stay in telangana region. Many once again get the feeling that telangana representatives by raising seemandhra traitors bogey are increasing passions in people and this may lead to large scale violence as witnessed earlier.
Million march on tankbund led to demolition of statues of great leaders and even in the lead up to the march there were demolitions of some more statues. The purpose of protesters on choosing tankbund as venue leads to suspicion that they are planning to create law and order problem and there may be another violence if police and law enforcing authorities are not taking them seriously.
Organisers may say they will carry out protests in peaceful manner but one can not go by their words all the time.