T-Ministers get PA’s appointment

Posted : October 22, 2012 at 6:43 am IST by ManaTelugu
Telangana ministers from Cong ruled AP Govt, with much fan fare flew to Delhi in the hope of getting some assurance from Cong High Command and Union Govt on formation of telangana. They with much enthusiasm went to Delhi, to prove a point that TRS and its Chief KCR can not achieve telangana and it is their word that will be given importance by Cong Govt at Center.
However their unity is there for everyone to see as only five ministers joined them while others stayed away from the delegation. When the group of Ministers led by Jana Reddy tried to meet Cong High Command and its leaders they were shocked as none of them showed interest in meeting. Infact they were scoffed that why they were wasting flight tickets to repeat the same points again and again on telangana.
They informed Jana that they know everything and are trying to gauge the reactions of different sections of people when he pleaded to meet them. When they tried to get the appointment of all powerful Sonia, they were in for a huge shock as her PA gave them appointment and heard what ever they got to say. It was indeed a huge insult to the ministers.
However in front of media they are presenting a brave face in front of media as if Telangana is getting formed soon.