T-March ignites fire in Cong

Posted : September 30, 2012 at 12:02 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Issue of telangana divided parties vertically except for TRS since it is only formed with Telananga as its main agenda. All parties couldn’t take any decision on telangana without hurting the feelings of other region. Till now Cong has been taking refuge in the fact that other parties haven’t arrived at the decision. However with Chandra Babu Naidu sending letter demanding PM to convene all party meet on behalf of his party TDP, Cong is in dilemma as it took KCR for a ride for over a month making him stay put in Delhi sending him feelers that they would come up with some announcement on Telangana.
However at the last moment Minister Vayalar Ravi stunned all asking what is Telangana and where it is in media interactions. Though KCR did not utter a single word on the thing, Azad once again reiterated in Kashmir that there wont be any decision on telangana unless all parties agree on the formation of Telangana.

This made Cong representatives from the region especially its MPs with Ponnam Prabhakar firing on all cylinders on Azad. Even Dy Damodar Rajanarasimha complained on Vayalar Ravi.Damodar in front of CM Kiran vent his anger on how could he pretend as if he was unaware of Telangana. Meanwhile Ponnam Prabhakar vented his anger on Kiran saying he is not caring Telangana ministers. He went on to say CM Kiran is not fit to rule the state. Many feel Dy CM is using the opportunity to his advantage taking potshots at CM Kiran.
This made ministers from the same region Sridhar Babu, Sunitha Lakshmareddy, Sailajanath and Jaggareddy taking Ponnam to task that it was CM who solved 14F issue and other things and even got Pranahita-Chevalla project on fast track. They challenged Ponnam to undertake yatra for Telangana just like CM who is daring everyone with his Indiramma Bata.Many Cong representatives feel that if High Command goes on delaying its decision then divisions in Cong will do irreparable damage to the party.