T-Actor Sells Cool Drinks In Space Shuttle

Posted : December 17, 2013 at 6:18 pm IST by ManaTelugu

In day to day life we see homeless children selling cool drinks at traffic signals, contract labour selling cool drinks in trains, and well-dressed beautiful air hostess doing the same in airplanes. But, have you ever imagined a Telugu actor selling cool drinks in space shuttle?

During their mission to Moon, actor Rao Ramesh is actually seen selling cool drinks for the all the passengers who are sitting their dressed in astronaut suits. Making of mocker of space shuttle journey, director-producer Gunnam Gangaraja is coming up with a film titled ‘Chandamamalo Amrutham’. The above said scene is just an example of what the film is actually going to show, and there are plenty of such. Right now, this trailer is going viral everywhere as the satires put on Moon Missions and space journey are simply bursting out bellies of audiences with unstoppable laugh.

Though ‘Chandamamalo Amrutham’ is a vague idea for people dealing with science and technology, for entertainment seekers this is the best party they can get. Touted to be a laugh riot, this flick got all those chances to stand on top. That’s the story folks!